Minh Global's 2020 Year-end party at Lan Rung resort

In two days 23 and 24 January 2021 Minh Global held a year-end party combining vacation for all staff members and their families. The vacation, called "Family day" held for 29 families, 98 attendees, including 31 children, spent a comfortable and meaningful weekend.

Phần trao quà cho các em nhỏ

Minh Global's staff, under the guidance and direction of General Director Le Phuoc Binh, have raised to a new level to be ready to "step into the big playing field". The motto "Always quest for Best" with the meaning of constantly raising the level towards higher values has been spread to all the company team and spread to the community.

Although the Spring gifts were small, they also stirred up people's hearts in the exciting lottery performance. A special award is a Microsoft Surface Pro computer awarded to Mr. Truong Huynh Anh Tran with a lucky and meaningful lottery number 01. He were the first to show up on this Gala Dinner.

After all, family is what we look forward to. Small families in the Minh Global family have felt the joy, warmth, relaxation and intimacy in the company's "Family Day". Believing with the right motto and strong capacity, Minh Global will make a bold mark on its new year 2021.