Seminar on application of national technical regulation QCVN 06:2020/BXD on fire safety for Houses and Buildings and QCVN 04:2019/BXD on Apartment buildings

(Construction) - On October 6, at the Ministry of Construction, Vietnam Investment Consulting and Construction Design JSC - CDC cooperates with the Department of Science, Technology and Environment and Construction Newspaper to organize the Workshop “Applying national technical regulation QCVN 06: 2020 / BXD on fire safety for houses and buildings; QCVN 04: 2019 / BXD on Apartment and other related QCVN ”.

hoi thao ap dung quy chuan ky thuat quoc gia qcvn 062020bxd ve an toan chay cho nha cong trinh va qcvn 042019bxd ve nha chung cu
The regulation specifies the basic requirements of fire protection design in new construction, renovation and expansion of the home, high-rise residential buildings (Source: Internet).

Fire protection for construction works, especially high-rise buildings, always needs to be paid top attention to ensure the safety of users. In addition to the application of specific design codes and standards for each type of project, the life safety issue for users must meet strict requirements according to national technical regulations on fire safety for  houses and structures. The application of this regulation will directly affect the investment efficiency of the project and the feasibility of the project.

The seminar is a professional forum to discuss and share urgent and current issues from a legal perspective to help investors, consultants and construction contractors better understand about the practical requirements of State management agencies on appraisal, approval, and acceptance of construction designs, fire prevention and fighting and hand-over of the works to be put into use in accordance with the law of two newly issued and applied standards, which are effective from July 1, 2020.

Through seminars, the Government expressed a strong commitment to support the investors, consultants, construction contractors to guide and clarify the issues in the application of national technical regulations  QCVN 06: 2020 / BXD on fire safety for houses and works; QCVN 04: 2019 / BXD on apartment and other related QCVN.

Source: Báo Xây Dựng