Green materials in construction - Modern and sustainable development trend

Protecting the environment is an urgent task globally, so environmentally friendly "green" materials are encouraged. In construction, too, green materials in construction gradually become a sustainable development trend to replace traditional materials that cause environmental pollution in the past.

What are green materials in construction?

Green materials are materials that must meet the following criteria: using less energy in the production of materials, while using the material, it can save energy consumption, not cause pollution. environmental contamination, reusable, ...

Green materials in construction

Green materials in construction

Currently, the green material in the typical construction is autoclaved autoclaved aerated concrete bricks, which are replaced near baked clay bricks because they help reduce a large amount of harmful gases released into the environment every day, helping to save electrical energy up to more than 30% and less than half the weight of bricks and many other outstanding features such as good insulation, good sound insulation.

In addition, green building materials are increasingly used in construction such as green wall cladding, insulating foam, plant concrete, ecological corrugated iron, mycelium, ...

The important role of green materials in construction

According to statistics, to produce about a billion clay bricks will have to consume more than 70 hectares of clay or agricultural land and the amount of CO2 emitted during the exploitation and production process is up to nearly 20 million tons. gas, not to mention after the building was dismantled, bricks can be recycled, but it is very difficult to decompose, when decomposition is harmful to the soil and the environment. Thus, it can be seen that with the use of traditional materials, baked brick is not only very harmful to human living environment but also causes loss of land used in agriculture, which can cause soil erosion, ...

The building is built with autoclaved aerated concrete bricks

The work is constructed of concrete masonry unit  - Green material

Therefore, the introduction of green building materials is an extremely urgent need. The fact also proves that, by using green materials in buildings brings many benefits such as: consuming less production resources, being able to use sanctions to save costs for the whole society. , reducing the weight of the building while being more durable, saving energy, ... most importantly, contributing to effectively protecting the environment.

With the above benefits, green materials in construction always receive the support of the Govt. and enterprises, this will become the first choice of projects. 

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